Participants & Contributors

We are indebted to the individuals who have participated in meetings or contributed content to The site would not exist without their commitment and expertise. 18th Meeting Participants (2021), Virtual Meeting Rachael Arenstein, A.M. Art Conservation, LLC Mary W. Ballard, Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution Joannie Bottkol, National Park Service Northeast Region Eric Breitung, … Continue reading Participants & Contributors

IPMWG 2018, update from the UK Liaison

Dear fellow IPM nerds, geniuses & friends, I would like to remind you all that the UK equivalent to the IPMWG meeting:  the Odyssey Group’s meeting, will take place this year at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History on July 4th. Should  you wish to attend, please feel free to drop me an email. … Continue reading IPMWG 2018, update from the UK Liaison