During the 2024 meeting participants will work with one of the website’s content committees (see below). Each group has listed initial goals for the meeting’s work sessions and new action items may be added based on group discussions and new feedback.   

TOPIC: Identification

  • Review PestList image submissions from the past year for potential images to upload to the Image Gallery
  • Add links to relevant videos to be a part of the Identification & Image Gallery searches.
  • Discussion of the use of AI to assist with museum pest identification
  • Continue to check for accuracy and broken links in existing “Identification” information and fields within MuseumPests.net.

TOPIC: Monitoring
CONTENT LEADER: Genevieve Tocci

The monitoring pages provide specific suggestions and resources for monitoring collections as part of a preventative IPM program. The goal during the virtual working session is to review the areas under monitoring to make sure they are up to date and add or remove information as needed.

  • Finish the “How to start to set up a monitoring program” section
  • Review record keeping and reporting page in detail and make sure software listed is current
  • Continue work on “how to monitor” section including creating a trap selection decision tree
  • Continuing general review of all monitoring pages for out of date or lacking information. Add additional resources if needed.

TOPIC: Solutions

  • Review heat treatment section for possible updates including Thermo Lignum and various products/techniques used to control bedbugs
  • Review previous MPWG research done around pesticide products and applications for possible inclusion in webpage
  • Discussion on recent developments banning CO2 treatments in Canada
  • Review the Accordion sentences only the newly formatted Solutions landing page.
  • Discuss and make recommendations to improve navigation of the webpage.

TOPIC: Vertebrates
CONTENT LEADER: Joel Voron, Emily Lynch, (Julia Sybalsky and Fran Ritchie not present in 2024)

  • Check and update links on the Vertebrate Pages
  • Review any ready content for Health and Safety sections developed for Vertebrates
  • Build out the bird section:
    • Add woodpeckers, starlings to the list of pesky birds
    • We don’t list scent-based deterrents; add scent to the page?
  • Build out the Resources section, with updates to Trapping: add links and jump-off text:
  • Vertebrate Monitoring page:
    • Add Trap Placement diagram
    • Add remote trap details on Vertebrate Monitoring.
    • Add photos of the trap types on Vertebrate Monitoring page
  • Image Gallery of Vertebrates
    • Add a link to the Filtered List of Vertebrate images
    • Add images for unrepresented vertebrates doing bad/destructive things
  • Vertebrate Fact Sheets
  • Case Studies
    • Revise Julia’s Remote Rodent Monitoring paper into a case study
    • Look for other case studies related to Vertebrates
  • Make a todo list for 2025!

TOPIC: Prevention
CONTENT LEADER: Seeking new Leader!

  • Continue to check links within each subsection to ensure they are active
  • Added links to other pages within site and other resources
  • Review additional subsections for necessary updates, corrections, links to add.

TOPIC: Health and Safety

Note: All members of this group will participate virtually for 2024. We will present a brief summary of what we have accomplished during the past year and what we hope to do during this meeting. We plan to hold a couple of synchronous work sessions of 1 hour in length during the meeting.

  • Review, complete and post Vertebrate Pest H & S intro text. (integrating Julia Sybalsky comments on this test from last Fall).
  • Complete/finalize Blunder trap JHS.
  • Continue working on completing the JHS documents for Monitoring.
  • Present finalized JHS documents to the Monitoring group for review.
  • Determine how to posting the completed regulations summary chart.

TOPIC: Social Media
CONTENT LEADER: Matthew Mickletz and seeking new co-leader!

  • Reestablish a weekly or bi-weekly posting routine/rotation between social media team members
  • Ensure that important topics pertinent to the group like upcoming meetings, webinars and new website content are highlighted with social media posts.
  • IG posts cross posting to Facebook
  • Recruit fellow MPWG folks to contribute content throughout the year.
  • Bog post on 2024 meeting.

TOPIC: Website
CONTENT LEADER: Leon Zak and Rachael Arenstein

  • Update broken links across site using Broken Link checker
  • Select images for use on website


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