March 11, 2021, 12:00 – 4:30 (GMT -5:00)

Join us for MuseumPests First Public Presentation Session.  For those who haven’t already RSVP’d to receive a direct Zoom link, you can access the program via Facebook Live on the MuseumPests page.  The session will be recorded and archived along with the presentations here on Brief abstracts are posted on our Conferences page

SESSION 1 12:00 – 2:00 USA Eastern Time (GMT -5:00)
(GMT -5:00)
Title and Authors
12:00 Welcome and MuseumPests introduction
Matthew Mickletz, MP-WG Co-Chair
12:15 IPM at The Met During the Covid Lockdown
Michael Millican, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
12:25 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Integrated Pest Management Program at the Worcester Art Museum
Hae Min Park, Worcester Art Museum
12:35 The Mysterious Case of the Blue Feather: Keeping an Eye on Materials Approved for Museum Events
Julie McInnis, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
12:45 An Efficient and Pest Resistant Storage System For Adult Odonata Specimens, With Application For Other Museum Collections
Claudia Copley, David C. A. Blades and Kasey Lee, Royal BC Museum
12:55 The Sports Collection of Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Ana Nascimento, Sport Lisboa e Benfica Cultural Heritage
1:05 Potential Applications of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in Museum IPM
Elizabeth Salmon, UCLA
1:15 IPM, Protecting Our Cultural Heritage: A Survey of Collections Care Trends
Eric Breitung, Lisa Goldberg, Zoe Hughs, Suzanne Ryder, Julie Unruh, Joel Voron
1:25 The Latin Bug: Launching en Español
Jessica Lewinsky, Fabiana Portoni, Silvia Manrique, Beatriz Haspo, Laura Garcia-Vedrenne, María Castañeda, Christian Untoiglich, Amparo Rueda, Sandra Joyce Ramirez, Armando Mendez
1:35 FUNdamentals of Museum IPM Now Available
Christa Deacy-Quinn, Spurlock Museum
1:40 Fur, Four Legs and a Tail: Update from the MuseumPests Rodent group
Museum Pests Rodent Group
1:50 The Risk of Pests in Monasteries
Ann Shaftel
2:00 Pest Odyssey2021 – The Next Generation
Suzanne Ryder, The Natural History Museum London
SESSION 2 2:30 – 4:30 USA Eastern Time (GMT -5:00)
2:30 Welcome and MuseumPests introduction
Matt Mickletz, MP-WG Co-Chair
2:40 Evaluation of publicly available data for GIS assay of cultural pest hazards in Canada 
Tom Strang and Kaoru Yui, Canadian Conservation Institute
2:50 Communicating conservation data. Example: IPM data
Jane Henderson, Cardiff University and Christian Baars, National Museums Liverpool
3:00 Analysing and presenting pest occurrence data
Christian Baars, National Museums Liverpool and Jane Henderson, Cardiff University
3:10 Development of the Collection Pest Database and Pest Occurrence Database
Melissa King, Austin Senseman and Nathan McMinn, Conserv
3:20 At-A-Glance Reports for IPM Data
Morgan Nau, Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology
3:30 Genetic variability of Gray Silverfish Ctenolepisma longicaudata and Ghost Silverfish C. calva in infested collections worldwide
Bill Landsberger, Rathgen Research Laboratory
3:40 Native woods and their resistance to pest attack in heritage buildings
Yerko Quitral, Museum of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Chile
3:50 Implementation of New Nitrogen-Based Anoxic Systems at Historic New England
Adam Osgood, Historic New England, Patrick Kelley, Insects Limited and Bill Smith Heritage Packaging
4:00 On-boarding an IPM freezer – a brief update
Eric Breitung and Michael Millican, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
4:10 Freezing of a mammal collection to mitigate persistent drugstore beetles
Shannen Robson, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
4:20 Concluding Remarks
Rachael Arenstein, MP-WG Co-Chair


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