Up to 54% of museums and historic homes have reported damage from pests. Textiles, animal hides, taxidermy, wood works, natural fibers (like wool and feather), books, and paintings contain material that pests can exploit and do irreversible damage to. Having a good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is crucial to protect and ensure the continued longevity of important historical artifacts.
Insects Limited and the MuseumPests Working Group hosted the IPM in Museums and Historic Homes workshop March 11 – 12, 2019. This workshop was designed for museum, library, and archive professionals who need to establish, improve, or better understand their IPM program. Museum conservator, Rachael Arenstein of A. M. Art Conservation and Insects Limited President, Pat Kelley, taught multiple aspects of museum IPM including:

Insects Limited newsletter on IPM in Museums and Historic Homes workshop

• Pest Identification and Biology
• Pest Monitoring and Prevention
• IPM Policies and Procedures
• Identifying Risk Zones and Vulnerable Collections
• Recognizing Pest Damage and Conservation Issues
• Remedial Treatment

Read more about the program from the Insects F&PNewsletterIssue136 – IPM in Museums and Historic Homes.

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