Check out our list of topics and projects to see what you might want to work on or contribute during the 2021 Virtual Working Group Meeting March 9-10.

TOPIC: Prevention 

  • Continue working on the Developing Policy subsection
  • Check links within each subsection to ensure they are active
  • Added links to other pages within site and other resources
  • Review additional subsections for necessary updates, corrections, links to add. 
  • Discuss addition of content on site-wide IPM 

TOPIC: Monitoring
CONTENT LEADER: Genevieve Tocci 

The monitoring pages provide specific suggestions and resources for monitoring collections as part of a preventative IPM program. The goal during the virtual working session is to review the areas under monitoring to make sure they are up to date and add or remove information as needed.

  • General review of all monitoring pages for out of date or lacking information. Add additional resources if needed.
  • Review record keeping and reporting page in detail and make sure software listed is current.
  • Reassess the database field list and make suggestions. Continue working on in-progress template for simple formatting in excel/sheets.
  • Basics of how to start to set up a monitoring program, including pitfalls and advice.
  • Assessing traps with budget constraints to add to the traps page: Ideal, vs. moderate, vs. minimal.

TOPIC: Identification 

  • Enter pest fields for Conserv project
  • Complete remaining uploads of vetted pest images taken by Tom Parker into the Image Library
  • Work through and repair why some pests do not appear in their category silhouette searches. E.g. Moth flies, Cluster flies, booklouse, others (Need Leon’s help with this)
  • Build form for image use rights for images that appear on PestList for ID (Need Leon’s help with this)
  • Check existing Pest Fact Sheets for accuracy and add new headers with updated MP logos
  • Add new Pest Fact Sheets to Pest Library

TOPIC: Solutions

  • Review and update the language of the various treatments with a particular focus on freezing with recent increased interest in this topic from the PestList. 
  • Review updates from last year and make sure they make it up to the website.
  • A limited time will be spent discussing and reviewing the legal and regulatory language and concerns around anoxic and CO2 treatments. 

TOPIC: Rodents
CONTENT LEADERS: Julia Sybalsky and Fran Ritchie  
PROJECTS/GOALS: The Rodents Group will be working on the following:

  • Finalizing our Concise Location-Based Illustrated Guide to House Mouse Exclusion and Monitoring PDF Document
  • Developing a Resource List around key questions related to rodent pest management/mitigation
  • Integration of Rodent Monitoring and Exclusion PDF Document and Resource List into MPWG website, including reconciliation of newer and older content presented on the website

TOPIC: Health and Safety

  • Update page with an introduction
  • Update Resources and divide topically
  • Add links to EPA pages and registers
  •  Add information on state level pesticide registration rules and regulations
  • Check our current list of links and make sure they are each active and applicable.
  • Make sure that the H & S resources link to what is presented on the Solutions and Residual Pesticides pages

TOPIC: Social Media
CONTENT LEADERS: Zoe Hughes, Lydia Garetano, Christina Johnson, Matt Mickletz

  • Discuss closing our Twitter account – not very active
  • Instagram as primary Social Media platform linking posts to Facebook

TOPIC: Website 
CONTENT LEADERS: Leon Zak and Rachael Arenstein

  • Update pdfs across the site with the new Logo and Masthead
  • Refresh broken links and navigation as needed

TOPIC: Translation and Foreign Language Sites

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