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The PestList is an e-mail distribution list for discussion of IPM-related topics. This forum allows members to ask questions and receive answers from members of the museum, preservation and pest control community. The PestList currently has over 700 subscribers worldwide.  The PestList is a non-moderated Listserv provided by the Integrated Pest Management Working Group and Zak Software. Responsible web etiquette is required and any inappropriate use will result in removal from the list.

To Subscribe :

Send an email to

In the BODY of the email and the subject put:

subscribe pestlist yourname

Note: The email you send the request from will become the address you must use to send to the list.

To UnSubscribe:

send an email to “”
putting only “unsubscribe  pestlist” (not in quotes) in the body of the email.

This must be sent from the email address you used to subscribe.

Any problems – please use our contact us form.

PestList Archives

The archives of the PestList provide a valuable resource – before posting a question you may want to search through prior posts to see if colleagues have already provided helpful information on which you can build. Access the archives at

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