Article from Smithsonian Institution Museum Conservation Institute (MC) on detecting arsenic on collections

This document by the National Museum of the American Indian – Smithsonian Institution, contains a bibliography of selected resources and presentations pertaining to the topic of pesticides and repatriated objects. As items are returned to tribal communities, past exposure to chemicals and pesticides becomes an issue due to the health risks involved.

The National Pesticide Information Center provides information on pesticide products, toxicology and environmental chemistry with MSDS database and more.

Downloadable Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets and pesticide labels from on-line retailer

The University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Cooperative Extension Service.  Information on safe handling, storage and use of pesticides as well as first aid for pesticide exposure.

Recognition and Management of Acute Pesticide Poisoning” by William M. Simpson, Jr., M.D., and Stanley H. Schuman, M.D., DrPH is available on the American Academy of Family Physicians News & Publications webpage.

Crop Data Management Systems Inc. has a search engine where one can look up information about pesticides. You can search by common name, product name, manufacturer, crop, and/or pest.

Kelly Solutions is used for a few different pesticide related matters. Contains information on state registrations of pesticides.

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