NPCA Field Guide To Structural Pests is a one-of-a-kind 800-page reference source that includes detailed information on nearly 200 different structural pests: ants, bees, cockroaches, flies, spiders, termites and more. Illustrated with nearly 1,000 color photos and drawings and supplied with quick reference tabs and a ruler. The Field Guide includes detailed information on how to recognize each pest, its biology and control.  It can be ordered from The Bug Store, the online store for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA Inc.).

The book Old Poisons, New Problems,  A Museum Resource for Managing Contaminated Cultural Materials,  edited by Odegaard and Sadongei, AltaMira Press, 2005, has a useful Appendices.  Appendix G (pp. 101-102) lists Pesticide Information Websites, including all the major government sites.  Information on the book is available through on-line bookstores:

MaryLou E. Florian’s 1997 book Heritage Eaters : Insects and Fungi in Heritage Collections is available free online from the University of British Columbia’s online library.  Despite its age, it is still an important resource with good images of insect eggs, larva and parts of cultural heritage and world wide household pests.  It is minimal on fungi but is complimented by her book Fungal Facts gathers, organizes, and distributes educational information, resources, and training materials which are available on the Internet for pest control professionals, private applicators involved in agriculture, landscape & irrigation professionals involved in pest control, schools and other organizations involved in IPM, and professionals in the food industry involved in pest control. The website provides a Gateway to the Pest Control Industry on the Internet with links to continuing education, resources, manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and trade associations.

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