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The following list of IPM related web resources includes sites covering topics such as pest identification, professional societies, pest control companies, etc.  The sites mentioned on the following pages are those that members of IPM Working Group have found useful.  Inclusion in this list does not constitute endorsement by, nor does the omission indicate censure. This page is revised and updated as needed when additional sites are identified.  To have a website added to this list please send information to webresources @

The Whatseatingyourcollection website is updated by the Odyssey Group, an informal annual meeting of IPM professionals in the cultural heritage sector in the United Kingdom that advocate this discipline of preventive conservation. The website  helps to understand what integrated pest management is, how to carry it out and how it can help you in your institution. It will also help you to identify the insects that you find and show you if you need to take action.

The Insects & Entomology group on Linked in contains helpful information on general entomology in the news and pest related content.

The Collections Trust is a UK based organization which provides assistance on a whole range of collections management issues.

English Heritage poster of common pests found in historic houses available for download.

For information on a range of roaches visit the well illustrated Cockroach Facts website.

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