Freezer Information

Institution Contact Info Type Cost Date Purchased Brand/ Model# Temperature Parameters Dimensions Temperature Monitoring Maintenance Energy Use/ Voltage How Is it Used? notes
Harvard Peabody T.Rose Holdcraft
Head Conservator Conservation Department Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Phone: 617-495-2487
 Chest $1,515 1990 Iberna Model TN 646 Interior (52” L x 22” W x 24” H) VWR, Two-channel thermometer (77776-722) No maintenance issues Stated to be “energy efficient” in 1990 IPM treatment
CA  Chest $606.24 2008 Frigidaire Commercial Model FCCS071FWO-7.2 cubic ft manual defrost chest freezer on wheels  minus 34.4 degrees C Exterior – 35” W x 34.25” H x 23.25” D 3/8” D Interior – 29.75” W x 28” H x 16 Springfield Precise Temp wireless multizonal digital thermometer 91049-1 N/A IPM treatment
Louisiana State Museum Allison McCloskey Leone
Assistant Conservator of Textiles and Objects (Louisiana State Museums move project) Williamstown Art Conservation Center
Walk-in Rented for 1.5 months from Polar Leasing Company – $7070 2008 Nor-lake “Kold Locker” walk in freezer DT820  minus 10 degrees  F Interior – 7’3” W x 19’3” L x 7’3” H. Exterior – 8’ W x 20’ L x 8’4” H Chaney instrument wireless refrigerator freezer thermometer 00985 no maintenance: freezer rented for about two months. in-house electrician installed and de-installed the freezer 208-30 volt 30 amp single phase IPM treatment
Farlow Herbarium-Harvard University Herbaria Genevieve Lewis-Gentry Walk-in $31,000 2009 Has alarm  minus 30 degrees C 10’ x 10’ x 7’ IPM treatment
Alaska State Museum Ellen Carrlee Conservator Alaska State Museum  Chest $6,600 including barge fee 1997 Revco ULT2050-7-D14 (Ultima) – alarm  maintained at minus 35 degrees C but capable of reaching minus 50 degrees C Interior – 47” x 26.5” x 19” Exterior – 72” x 41” x 29” Panel readout on exterior. No independent monitoring Defrost every year or two; filter should be changed but isn’t Couldn’t find information IPM treatment
WS Turrell Herbarium – Miami University Michael A. Vincent,
Curator W.S. Turrell Herbarium / Miami University Department of Botany EL: 513-529-2755 FAX: 513-529-4243
 Chest $3,000 1990 Harris UltraLow ELT-3LS-90A4 minus 80 degrees C 3 cubic feet Temperature checked after new load placed freezer, to make sure the temperature gets low enough. No regular maintenance No idea about energy use.  We will pay more attention to this when we need a new freezer. IPM treatment
Canadian Museum of Nature Laura Smyk
Conservation Technician
Canadian Museum of Nature
P.O. Box 3443, Stn D
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1P4
Tel.: (613)566-4236
Fax: (613)364-4027
3 Walk Ins at Collection Storage Facility unknown 1997 Custom – Bally Refriferated Boxes Inc. Maintained at minus 30 degrees C Interior: 10’w x 10’d x 9’t
Door Dimensions: 5’w x 7’t
visual monitors as well as alarmed None really. ??? IPM treatment.One used only for  routine freezing (anything going into Collections). Two used for long term storage.
SI – Museum of Natural History Chest (reach in) $6,000 1995 Kelvinator minus 40 degrees C 40 cubic ft, 52″x78″36″ none mentioned worked fine 110/115 IPM treatment pest control, incoming specimens Working fine
SI – Museum of Natural History Walk In $25,000 1999 Bally box freezer minus 50 degrees C 100 sq ft alarm, defrost setting breakdown problems due to distance of compressor/condenser to unit 110/115 IPM treatment heat sealing
Denver Museum of Nature and Science Upright ca 1995 KelvinatorVSL50-4 minus 12-26 degrees C set to minus  25 degrees C 51 cubic ft monitored/recorded by security; independent temp check mechanical problems about once a year, differnet parts of unit IPM treatment
Denver Museum of Nature and Science Upright $5,400 2006 KelvinatorVTQ50FSHD minus 8-40 degrees C set to minus 35 degrees C 45.6 cubic feet monitored/recorded by security; independent temp check conduit connection 11/60/1USA IPM treatment no mechanical problems to date
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Chest $1,168 2008 Frigidaire CommercialGLFC2828F minus  23 degrees C exterior 35″x73.25″x29.5″; interior 29″x68″x22″ wireless multi-zonal digital, Springfield Precise Temp When checking the temperature with a wired thermometer placing a weight on the lid allows the freezer to stay sealed, this is not a problem with wireless models IPM treatment for costume boxes on pallet for moveability
Sam Noble Museum of Natural History Chest $829 1999 General Electric FCM25DACWH minus  20.5 degrees C (minus 19-23 degrees C) 24.9 cubic ft, exterior 73.24″x25″x29.5″ built in thermometer & alarm, w/ backup radio shack thermometer Works great IPM treatment
Sam Noble Museum of Natural History Chest $2,495 2008 Integrated Dispensing Solution2001022 minus  10-34 degrees C set at minus 35 degrees C 24.9 cubic ft, exterior 73.24″x25″x29.5″ built in thermometer, w/ backup radio shack thermometer 110/115 also in 220 IPM treatment
University of Texas Austin Walk In (custom) ? (gift) 2003 EJS Systems (engineering firm minus 40degrees C to +75C, manual settings 10’x10’10’ interior came with thermometer, also use a HOBO pro broke down in 2006 (vibrations and fan forece caused emergence door release to cause door to open even when locked from outside) IPM treatment recommends when installing a freezer including a way to get rid of unwanted water
Columbia University Libraries Chest $550 2002 Kenmore 11351 minus  20 degrees F 22.7 cubic ft, 69″ W x 31″ D x 35 1/2″ H no ice buildup around lid, which must be removed to maintain temp IPM treatment port in the front to attach a 1/2″ garden hose for draining when it is defrosted
National Museum of the American Indian – Mall Museum Gail Joice Walk In (custom) ? 2004 • Low velocity unit coolers Century Refrigeration Series FV• Box manufactured by Elliot Williams Co. LLC walk-in coolers and freezers minus 30 degrees F • 7’8” wide, 10’7” long, 8’10” high. Door 4’4” wide, 8’ high. • Honeywell DR4300 Circular Chart Recorder on exterior of box provides continuous recording of internal box temperatures. • Located in secure collections workroom, adjacent to loading dock and freight elevator. Internal lock in door handle, only Collections Manager has access. Used for all incoming organic collections materials, mainly new accessions • “FV units are a blow through design with two-way air throw, designed for flush ceiling mounting with no surfaces above the unit to be cleaned. The FV Series also has a hinged drain pan arrangement. Units are constructed of a heavy gauge smooth finish aluminum cabinet with copper tube, aluminum plate fin coil, and permanently lubricated fan motors with inherent thermal protection.”
• Two automatically rotating systems alternate during 6 hour cycle for redundancy/backup.
National Museum of the American Indian – Cultural Resources Center Emily Kaplan Walk In (custom) ? 1998? • Two-stage 10 HP refrigeration system with a 45 minute defrost cycle every 6 hours. Rooftop outdoor air cooled condensing units
• Bohn Medium Profile, reaches minus 40 degrees Centigrade.
• Walk-in box manufactured by Bally
minus 40 degrees F • Internal dimensions: 8′ wide, 16’5″ deep, and 7’10″ high (except where fans are)
• External dimension: 15’5″ x 9’8″ x 9’6
Dial thermometer on exterior, no recording devices fairly frequent maintenance needed. Ice build-up. • Located in secure hallway adjacent to loading dock, collections processing workrooms, and freight elevator. Secured with padlock, limited staff access. Used for all returning loans, incoming new accessions, organic non-collections items (personal possessions) staff put in office areas as decoration; incoming non-collections materials such as wood, corrugated paperboad etc to that will go into collections areas Features do not have but recommend:  Alarm system for problems with temperature controls; External chart recorder (on the outside of the unit) •Points of caution: Double check rolling load capabilities with manufacturer. If freezing very heavy items and/or use of pallet jacks is anticipated, make sure the floor inside the freezer box is reinforced. NMAI had to retrofit one freezer with a ¼” – 3/16” aluminum diamond tread plate.
• Ensure that controls are easily accessible.
• If the freezer has heating strips around the door, make sure controls for these are accessible and will be turned off if the freezer is turned off or power goes out. Otherwise, if the heating strips are left on inadvertently while the freezer is off, the freezer box becomes a heating box, can cause damage to collections, and the heating strips will eventually burn out.
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