Solutions – Bibliography – Mold

Chamberlain, William R. “A New Approach to Treating Fungus in Small Libraries.” Abby Newsletter 15, no. 7 (1991): 109.
Notes: A practical article describing the response to a mould outbreak and the preventative measures that were subsequently undertaken at the Virginia State Library (USA).

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McCrady, Ellen. “Mold As A Threat to Human Health.” Abby Newsletter 18, no. 6 (1994).
Notes: A short article on mould as a workplace hazard for library and archival workers. Summarizes articles relevant to the subject and anecdotes from the field.

Motylewsky, Karen. “Pest, Insect & Fungus Management – Conference Notes.” .

National Park Service. Causes, Detection, and Prevention of Mold and Mildew on Textiles . Conserve-O-Gram , 16/1.

National Park Service. ” Conserve O Gram, Number 3/4 – Mold and Mildew: Prevention of Microorganism Growth in Museum Collections.” Web page, Available at

Nyberg, Sandra. Invasion of the Giant Spore. SOLINET Preservation Program , leaflet no. 5. Atlanta, GA: Southeastern Library Network, 1987.
Notes: An updated version of this leaflet (emphasizing preventive activities and non-chemical treatment is available from SOLINET on its web page at or from Alicia Riley-Walden Preservation Administrative Assistant, SOLNET Preservation Services, 1438 West Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30309-2955 ( or . The older version of the leaflet gives a good summary of mold prevention and treatment, and also presents detailed information on various chemical treatment methods that in most cases would no longer be recommended.

Patkus, Beth Lindblom. ” Preservation Leaflet 3.8: Emergency Salvage of Moldy Books and Paper.” Web page, Available at .

Price, Lois Olcott. Managing a Mold Invasion: Guidelines For Disaster Response. CCAHA Technical Series, No. 1. Philadelphia, PA: Conservation Centre For Art and Historic Artifacts, 1996.
Notes: An excellent summary of response and recovery techniques. Includes a good bibliography that cites articles on the effects of fumigation on collections. Available from CCAHA . 264 South 23rd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 111119103; (215) 545-0613, fax (215) 735-9313, or email:

State Library of Victoria. “Information Sheet No. 3 Guidelines for Dealing With Mould.” (accessed March 2015)

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