Solutions for Vertebrate Pests


Rodent nest in a box of periodicals from a basement storage space.
  • The Rodent Trapping Tip Sheet provides general information on the use of snap traps to address a mouse or rat infestation. IPM’s emphasis is on prevention and avoidance of infestations, so the information provided should not be interpreted as a permanent and/or ongoing response to rodent infestations.


Pigeons and other birds can create problems historic  structures but more problematically their nests and carcasses are a prime source of dermestid infestations.  Christina Cain wrote a Denver Museum of Art Case Study on an infestation created by a bird carcass. Visit the Bird Identification Fact Sheets on this site more information on specific bird issues.  


Check back for information on this topic.


Check back for information on this topic.

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