Identification – Pest Fact Sheets – Moth

Pest Fact Sheets – Moths

The Pest Fact Sheets are an easy to read, single page handout for the most common museum pests as determined by a survey of professionals in cultural heritage institutions.  Each sheet includes the following:

  • general information
  • identification images
  • signs of infestation
  • food sources
  • life-cycle
  • treatment options
  • bibliographic references on the information collected for that particular sheet.

Unless a specific institution is credited, the resources on these pages have been developed by members of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group’s Identification Aids Committee. The institutional documents such as images and flashcards have been provided by various members of the museum community reviewed and vetted by the IPM-WG. Sheets are currently available for the following pests as Adobe PDFs:

Thumbnail Image View Fact Sheet Common Name Latin Name Additional Info
PDF Brown-dotted Clothes Moth Niditinea fuscella (Linnaeus)  
 Brown House Moth 1 Thumb
PDF Brown House Moth Hofmannophila pseudospretella (Staint.)  
PDF Casemaking Clothes Moth Tinea pellionella (Linnaeus) Check-mark-button-hi

(In progress-No Current Link)

Household Casebearer Moth Phereoeca uterella (Walsingham)  
 Webbing Clothes Moth thumb PDF Webbing Clothes Moth Tineola bisselliella (Hummel)  Check-mark-button-hiCheck-mark-button-hi
 White shouldered house moth thumb PDF Whiteshouldered House Moth Endrosis sarcitrella (Linnaeus)  
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