Solutions – Bibliography – Mold

Chamberlain, William R. “A New Approach to Treating Fungus in Small Libraries.” Abbey Newsletter 15, no. 7 (1991).                                                                                       Notes: A practical article describing the response to a mold outbreak and the preventative measures that were subsequently undertaken at the Virginia State Library (USA). Florian, Mary-Lou. Heritage Eaters: Insects and Fungi in Heritage Collections. James & James Publishers, … Continue reading Solutions – Bibliography – Mold

Web Resources – Mold

National Park Service Integrated Pest Management web page contains links with information on mold “NEDCC – Emergency Salvage of Moldy Books and Paper” “Virtual Exhibition of the Ravages of Dust, Water, Moulds, Fungi, Bookworms and Other Pests” Links to more texts on mold “Causes, Detection, and Prevention of Mold and Mildew … Continue reading Web Resources – Mold