What should I do about mold?

While the IPM-WG does not specifically focus on objects with mold growth, there is some overlap. By searching for “mold” on the website, you will be directed to some useful resources.

Solutions – Bibliography – Mold

Chamberlain, William R. “A New Approach to Treating Fungus in Small Libraries.” Abbey Newsletter 15, no. 7 (1991). http://cool.conservation-us.org/byorg/abbey/an/an15/an15-7/an15-707.html                                                                                       Notes: A practical article describing the response to a mold outbreak and the preventative measures that were subsequently undertaken at the Virginia State Library (USA). Corey, Peter, Curator of Collections. “How to Deal With Mold in Baskets.”  Alaska … Continue reading Solutions – Bibliography – Mold